Orthopedic & Short-Term Rehabilitation

Orthopedic & Short-Term Rehabilitation

Recover and Return Home Faster with our Orthopedic Programs

Our goal is to help patients recover faster so they can return home feeling confident. We offer all of our patients a complimentary home safety assessment prior to leaving the facility to best ensure a safe home environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following an injury to your bones or muscles, you may be referred for rehabilitation to decrease your pain, increase your ability to function safely and monitor your progress.  Many patients who elect to have a joint replacement (total hip or total knee) will be assessed by a Physical and Occupational Therapist to establish a plan to return them to their prior level of function. Physical therapy (PT) will focus on increasing the strength and motion in your new joint, as well as work on your balance and walking to make sure you are safe to return home. Occupational therapy (OT) will focus on the activities you'll need to manage at home including dressing, cooking and bathing. Besides a joint replacement, there are many times a person will be referred for Physical therapy following knee surgery to repair torn ligaments. The goal for rehabilitation is similar to those following a joint replacement....to return to your prior level of function. In some cases, your surgeon may send you for therapy prior to surgery to strengthen the involved area which will help shorten your rehabilitation time. The stronger you are before your surgery, the quicker you will recover after the procedure. The main goal for all therapy is to get you back to your prior level of function, using adaptive equipment if needed (cane, walker, reacher), so you can manage safely in your own environment.  

Short-term rehabilitation is a combination of interdisciplinary therapy regimens designed to enhance a resident's functional level to return to home in a brief but concise time frame.  Our goal is to deliver excellence in wellness and safely and effectively advance you to the next level of care and provide needed services to be successful after you leave one of our homes. 

Therapy services are available to you 7 days a week. Your therapists and physician will determine the best treatment plan for you based on your individual needs and treatment goals.

Yes, Sprenger will keep your physician and surgeon fully informed on your progress so you receive the best outcome from your stay with us. In many situations, therapists or therapy assistants will attend followup appointments with you to discuss your treatment plan and your progress information in person.


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