Corporate Compliance Form

This document will be used to report any accusations regarding violations against Sprenger Health Care’s corporate compliance policy. Please fill out the form as accurately as possible. Although you have the option to remain anonymous, we encourage you to leave as much information as possible so that we may follow up with you quickly and accurately.

You may also call our Corporate Compliance Officer, Melissa Courtock, at 1 (866) 201-0316.

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        In our continuing effort to fulfill our organizational mission, Sprenger Health Care Systems is committed to high ethical standards and compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. In addition, Sprenger Health Care Systems strives to use general good business practices to avoid and prevent any conflicts of interest in its dealings with its board members, employees, contractors, vendors, agents, business partners, and volunteers (“individuals affiliated with Sprenger Health Care Systems”). Sprenger Health Care Systems has established a Corporate Compliance Policy to assist with this process.

        Reporting Compliance Issues

        Any individual affiliated with Sprenger Health Care Systems who is aware of or suspects a violation of law or regulation, Sprenger Health Care Systems’ Standards of Conduct, or other policies and procedures has an affirmative duty to report this information. If possible, all reports of alleged, known or suspected non-compliance should be reported to the Facility Administrator. Any individual who, for any reason, is uncomfortable with reporting to the Facility Administrator should report the information directly to the Compliance Officer.

        Sprenger Health Care Systems has a formalized system of communication for individuals affiliated with Sprenger Health Care Systems to report potential non-compliance to the Compliance Officer. An individual may communicate information to the Compliance Officer directly by calling the Compliance Hotline at (866) 201-0316; by reporting through Sprenger Health Care Systems’ secure compliance website –; or by sending a letter to:

        Corporate Compliance Officer
        3885 Oberlin Ave
        Lorain, OH 44053

        All reports submitted to the Compliance Program are treated confidentially. Information from reports will be disclosed only to the extent necessary for evaluating or addressing the report.

        If you prefer, you may submit your report anonymously. In many cases, however, the lack of contact information prevents a comprehensive review of the report and will prevent further communication between you and Sprenger Health Care Systems’ Compliance Officer.