Making Your Summer Healthy and Safe

By Sprenger Home Health Care

The summer months are a great time for outdoor activity but with it comes an increase in the incidence of heat related illnesses, especially for seniors.  

Did you know that as early as age 65 our bodies are changing in how we respond to heat? As we get in that round of golf, mow the lawn, work in the garden or take a good walk we need to heed and take extra precautions to avoid heat illnesses.

As we age, we don’t tolerate, and just as importantly don’t perceive heat as we did. Because of that we may be reaching for that sweater when everyone else is comfortable in a short sleeve shirt. Take cues from those around you and think twice before adding that extra layer.

One of the most important things we can do to stay healthy is to make sure we’re well hydrated. Our ability to perceive thirst has diminished making this even more challenging. Dehydration can lead not only to heat related illnesses but to falls as well. When we’re dehydrated the chances of dizzy spells and fainting increase.

Don’t forget about sunscreen. Our skin has become thinner so sunscreen is even more important when planning outdoor activity.

Diet and nutrition play an important role as well. Eat light! Consuming foods that are easy to digest as well as smaller more frequent meals will serve you well. Be careful about food storage. Foods spoil more quickly in the heat of the summer. The website is packed with good information for senior nutrition.

Plan your outdoor activities when the air is cooler. Mow the grass and work the garden in the evening. Plan your tee time and take that brisk walk early in the morning and don’t forget your water and sunscreen!

Have a healthy and safe summer!

Retired volleyball coach in Sprenger Hospice Care sets, serves and scores on the court

The thrill of a spike. A great serve. Scoring an ace. All may seem like simple things to the average person, but to Inge Helmetz, these are just a few of her favorite memories.  As a retired Volleyball coach, Ms. Helmetz carried her love of playing the game into coaching at St. Peter School in North Ridgeville while her children attended school. 

The thrill of a spike… A great serve… Scoring an Ace…

All may seem like simple things to the average person, but to Inge Helmetz, these are just a few of her favorite memories.  As a retired Volleyball coach, Ms. Helmetz carried her love of playing the game into coaching at St. Peter School in North Ridgeville while her children attended school. 

This month, Sprenger Hospice Care helped turn an average day into an exciting adventure back on the court for Ms. Helmetz.  Hospice nurse, Lisa Lotz along with Voni De Almeida, MSW and Toni Rotz, Director of Marketing, escorted Ms. Helmetz to an afternoon at the North Ridgeville Rookie Ranger Volleyball camp. 

Coach Jenny Onlock and her students were extremely welcoming and presented Helmetz with a “Coach Inge” t-shirt.  Ms. Helmetz had much to say about each girl’s technique that day and also enjoyed tossing the ball back and forth with nurse Lisa. 

“It’s simple” says Toni Rotz, Director of Marketing for Sprenger Hospice Care, “Our commitment is to optimize the quality of life for our patients.  Here at Sprenger Hospice our care plans go beyond the patient’s medical needs.  We listen carefully for unexpressed wishes that will help bring a smile to their face and pep in their step.  For those who think that hospice is giving up, let this ‘serve’ as proof that hospice helps to provide enough comfort that one can enjoy their last days, weeks, months or years to the fullest.” 

Home Health Helps Care for the Caregiver

Sixty five percent of the elderly with long term care needs depend solely upon family and friends to meet those needs. More than 66% of these caregivers are women. How does the caregiver meet the challenges of caring not only for their loved one, but for themselves as well?

Setting realistic goals for what the caregiver can provide in terms of time and types of support are critical. Once those parameters have been established, the caregiver must be willing to ask for and accept help. Well-meaning family and friends often offer to do anything they can, but the caregiver frequently declines. Instead of declining have a list of needs prepared; it may be sitting with your loved one for an hour, going to the grocery store, preparing a meal or picking up prescriptions. Accepting those offers will be a benefit for you and those offering their help.  

Support services of all kinds, including those mentioned above can positively impact the care givers well-being, allowing them to provide better care with less stress. Support services are not only those found in support groups and family counseling, but include things such as respite services, durable medical equipment (DME) and home modifications.

When a caregiver can no longer meet the needs, Sprenger Healthcare offer a wide variety of help including Independent and Assisted Living, and Home Health. Staff are trained to evaluate, develop a plan of care in coordination with your physician, and provide treatment to inspire hope and improve the quality of life for the people we serve.

Nord Warm Line Helps People With Mental Challenges

By: The Nord Center

Did you know that one in five American adults have experienced a mental health issue? Young people also suffer from mental health issues – in fact, one in 10 children experience a period of depression. For people who need someone to talk to, there is the Nord Warm Line.

The Nord Center, with the support of the Lorain County Board of Mental Health, has launched its Warm Line, a free, confidential telephone support service for anyone in Lorain County experiencing a mental health challenges such as loneliness, anxiety or substance use.

The Warm Line is staffed by mental health consumers who have experienced mental health issues themselves.  Having learned to live a full life through their own recovery, Peer Support Specialists want to help others struggling with similar concerns. Peer Support Specialists do not diagnose or treat, but are trained to listen and offer non-judgmental support and shared experiences of hope and recovery.

“Support from those who have experienced similar issues can be a source of great comfort to someone having trouble coping,” states Amy Denger, The Nord Center CEO & COO.  “We received nearly 16,500 calls to our Emergency/Crisis Line last year. Our goal with the Warm Line is to provide support and encouragement to individuals before they reach a crisis point. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to who understands what they are going through.”

Warm Line services are available Monday through Friday, from 1pm-10pm. To speak to a Peer Support Specialist, please call 1.800.888.6161 and ask to be connected to the Warm Line.

Crain’s Cleveland Business ranks Sprenger Healthcare in Top Family Owned Businesses

Sprenger Healthcare is honored to be ranked seventh on the Crain’s Cleveland Business list of Family Owned Businesses.

Rankings are determined by the number of local full-time employees employed by companies in Cleveland and the percentage of company ownership by family.

Sprenger Healthcare was founded in 1959 by Grace Sprenger, who established Amherst Manor Retirement Community in Amherst, OH.

Today, third generation Michael Sprenger, COO, and Nicole Sprenger, CEO, continue Grace’s legacy with a commitment to provide the highest quality of services to customers and the community. Sprenger Healthcare is also proud to bring jobs to Northeast Ohio as it employs more than 1000 full-time local employees.

Sprenger Healthcare has grown throughout its nearly 60 years to include ten communities for older adults. These communities offer continuum of care options with 10 skilled nursing centers, 7 assisted living communities and 5 independent living communities. In addition, Sprenger Healthcare offers short-term rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, hospice care and home health care.

With 9 communities in Ohio, 1 in Indiana and construction underway in South Carolina, Sprenger Healthcare plans to continue providing sustainable jobs and offering premier services well into the future.

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