Neurological Rehabilitation

Reconnect to the Inner You

The program works full circle to provide you with social, physical, and cognitive support with guidance from our team specially trained in stroke and neuro care.

The Sprenger Difference

Your journey through therapy at Sprenger will be unique and personalized from the moment you come through our doors to the moment you successfully graduate from our program.

The benefits of our neurological rehabilitation program may include, but are not limited to:

  • Expert Staff Trained to Recognize Stroke Symptoms & React Immediately
  • Continuity of Care Through Clear and Cohesive Communication Between Caregivers
  • Works Full Circle by Including Social, Physical, and Congnitive Support
  • Our Staff is Dedicated to the Improvement of All Facets of Functioning
  • Therapists Identify Changes in Condition and May Refer to a Neurologist or Rehabiliation Services
  • Patient, Family and Caregiver Education with Individualized Training
  • Discharge Planning Provided by Expert Staff
  • Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Training Offered
  • Complimentary Home Safety Evaluations are Conducted Prior to Discharge
  • Outpatient Therapy Available for Occupational, Physical, Speech, & Aquatic Therapy
  • Pain Management Available

Staff Training and Accreditation

Many of our licensed, in-house clinicians are certified in National Institute of Health in Stroke Care through completion of the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) Certification.

The NIHSS was developed originally to be used as a research tool for measuring the baseline function in patients that have suffered and acute stroke, but has developed into a widely accepted tool for predicting lesion size and measuring stroke severity. Since its inception, the Stroke Scale has been proven to be an good predictor of functional outcomes and is often used as a data collection tool for mapping a patient’s treatment plan. Additionally, it provides a universal language for the exchange of information between healthcare providers, patients and their families. This tool allows therapist an opportunity to document objectively on baseline levels, as well as progress.

“It is our goal at Sprenger Health Care to provide our patients with the highest quality of care. This is why it’s important to us that our rehabilitation staff at all of our facilities is stroke ready,” said Jaime Marino-Freetage, Executive Therapy Director.

The therapists at Sprenger Health Care will utilize the NIHSS to assess and evaluate the acuity of stroke patients, determine appropriate treatment approaches and predict patient outcomes.

Additional Programs

Delay the Disease

In an effort to help individuals with Parkinson’s Disease manage their symptoms and maintain a quality of life, the Sprenger team offers Delay the Disease™, a fitness program designed to empower people with Parkinson’s to take control of the disease with daily exercise. Our instructors have been certified to conduct the courses, and are dedicated to identifying patient symptoms and maximizing their function.

Community Reintegration Program

Our therapists take patients on community outings, which include trips to church, restaurants and shopping venues to ensure they are able to perform these tasks independently before graduation from their therapy regimen.

Home Safety Assessments

It is our pleasure to evaluate the safety of your residence before your graduation from our therapy department. This complimentary, comprehensive assessment is performed by our therapy team who may identify modifications and repairs necessary to ensure a safe living environment. Our goal is to reduce, or ultimately prevent, accidents upon your return home.

Therapists may also evaluate the need for adaptive equipment to help in areas of concern or recommend community support services that can provide further assistance.

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