Local double-amputee leads a full life at Sprenger Health Care Rose Lane.

John Morrison always led an active and exciting life. During different parts of his life, he was a police officer, a paramedic fireman, and an Army Reservist. There wasn’t much that could slow him down.

Until one day, in 2010, John lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. After the crash, he was determined to move on with his life as much as he could. And he did. However, seven years later he was struck with a medical condition that caused him to lose his other leg.

Faced with an outlook that seemed bleak, John had just about given up hope of having a healthy, active life where he could walk again. His biggest fear was being confined to a wheelchair. Not ready to give up, he admitted himself into Sprenger Health Care Rose Lane to start therapy and gain a new perspective on his life.

He didn’t know it, but at that moment his journey to one day walk again was closer than he could imagine. He would soon be fitted with prosthetic legs. With a determined therapy team and support staff at Sprenger Health Care Rose Lane, John underwent extensive therapy and rehabilitation, which included a myriad of exercising such as core work, strength training, and stretching.

Shawn Beltz, director of rehabilitation at Sprenger Health Care Rose Lane, commented, “John’s therapy team, which included myself, Tyler Sponaugle, physical therapist, and John Price, physical therapist assistant, helped him practice standing and walking when John had just one prosthetic. These exercises would help to improve his upper body strength and help him to learn a walking pattern again.

Once he received both prosthetics,” Beltz continued, “we could practice on the parallel bars with weight shifting – learning how to transfer his weight back and forth. We then progressed him to using a walker, giving him the tips to assure his walking pattern was normalized. Eventually, we were able to get him to use just a cane.”

While the therapy and rehab started to help him physically, John also attended Sprenger Health Care Rose Lane’s amputee support group so he could begin to heal emotionally as well. John said, “The whole experience has been eye-opening. The staff at Rose Lane refused to give up on me.”

John continues to improve every day and is happy with the direction he is headed at this point in his life. He looks forward to the day when he can be more independent. For now, however, he is not going to let anything slow him down.

Sprenger Healthcare offers a wide variety of services including therapy, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and hospice care. No matter what your situation, we are here to support you at every step of your journey. If you would like to schedule a personal tour at one of our communities, please call us at 800-772-1116 or visit www.sprengerhealthcare.com to explore all we offer.

2018 US News Best Nursing Homes

Sprenger Healthcare has been providing personalized senior care with compassion and understanding since 1959. During this time, we have worked tirelessly to consistently exceed our patients’ and residents’ needs.

These concerted efforts have garnered us many positive reviews and awards regarding our services and our facilities. One such award is the U.S. News and World Report’s annual review of nursing homes across the country.

Since 2009, U.S. News has been reporting data on nursing homes from Nursing Home Compare (https://www.medicare.gov/nursinghomecompare), a program administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that sets and enforces standards for nursing homes. The reported ratings are scaled on a star grade of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest achievement. The stars are determined by the nursing home’s performance in three areas – state-conducted health inspections, nurse staffing and medical quality measures.

Three Sprenger Health Care facilities in Lorain County received the highest 5-star rating: Sprenger Health Care Elms Retirement Village in Wellington, Ohio; Sprenger Health Care Amherst Manor in Amherst, Ohio; and Sprenger Health Care Anchor Lodge in Lorain, Ohio. The administrators at each community are thrilled to have been recognized for their hard work and dedication. Their comments regarding the award are as follows:

“It is an honor to be acknowledged for the effort the staff at Sprenger Health Care Elms Retirement Village puts in every day. I love that our nursing home provides a comforting environment and individualized care for each of our residents.” Jenna Fawley – Administrator, Sprenger Health Care Elms Retirement Village

“It is an honor for us to receive this award from U.S. News. With so many options to choose from in our industry, we are proud to be chosen as one of the best in the area by this organization. My community has recently been updated with an addition of 30 private rooms with private baths, and new, comfortable common areas. Our state-of-the-art therapy gym now features Biodex equipment, Jintronix motion capture technology and Vital Stim with Biofeedback. In addition, we are offering the latest programs for those recovering from a stroke, backed by a well-known area neurologist and therapists who are certified in neuro-development training.”  – Kristen Gollinger – Administrator, Sprenger Health Care Amherst Manor

“Sprenger Health Care Anchor Lodge offers a continuum of care with skilled nursing and rehabilitation, long-term care and assisted living all on the scenic shores of Lake Erie. This award continues to show the community that Sprenger Health Care Anchor Lodge strives for exceptional customer service and to exceed their expectations every day.” Janelle Shaw – Administrator, Sprenger Health Care Anchor Lodge

Sprenger Healthcare offers a wide variety of services for the aging. From independent living to skilled nursing care, we are here to support you at every step along your journey. If you would like to schedule a personal tour at one of our facilities, please contact us at: 800-772-1116 or visit www.sprengerhealthcare.com to explore all we offer.