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For whom are you inquiring?

A friend or family member

Do you need support 24 hours a day or do you only need support during the day for your daily living activities?

I feel that I need licensed nurses available to provide services 24 hours a day
I feel that I only need licensed nurses to provide care during a portion of the daytime

Does your friend/family member need support 24 hours a day or do they only need support during the day for some daily living activities (such as bathing, dressing, brushing teeth, taking medications, etc.)?

They need support from a licensed nurse 24 hours a day
They would be OK with support from a licensed nurse for a portion of the day

Disclaimer: This survey is not an attempt to diagnose or determine exact service needs.
In order to determine exact needs please call the facility of your choice and talk to the Admissions Director.
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For every stage of life and all levels of care, we can assist you in finding a service to suit your needs. Not sure what level of service you need?  Take our brief survey to Discover the Service That’s Right for You.

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Rose Lane Nursing & Rehabilitation

Rose Lane Nursing & Rehabilitation

Massillon, Ohio

With the recharge: Excellence in Cardiac Care Program, the team at Sprenger Health Care Rose Lane is dedicated to providing superior health care with an emphasis on quality of life and maximum independence. Its expansive campus allows space for an over-sized therapy gym with state-of-the-art equipment and modern amenities.