1. How do I update my personal information such as address, phone number, tax deductions, direct deposit, etc.?

All personal information for current employees can be updated through the Employee Self Service center. Once you submit a request for a change through Self Service it will go directly to your payroll processor for approval. Further verification may be required for some requests.

2. Do I need to re-enroll in health insurance every year?

Yes, all employees are encouraged to attend the open enrollment meetings at the facilities each year to learn about changes for the following plan year. Employees must re-enroll every year to continue health care coverage. Open enrollment meetings will be announced at every facility as they are scheduled. If you are unable to attend a meeting it is the employee's responsibility to get in touch with Human Resources to get the needed information.

3. When am I eligible for benefits?

Employees are eligible for benefits if they work consistently 32 hours or more per week. Once an employee is eligible they have 30 days to enroll in the health insurance plan of their choice and then the coverage becomes effective the 1st day of the following month. For instance if you start working 32 hours or more on June 15th, you would have until July 15th to enroll and then your coverage would begin on August 1st. For questions regarding health insurance eligibility please contact the HR department directly at 440-989-5230.

4. How can I view my paycheck stub or W-2?

For current employees, you can view all paycheck stubs and/or W-2s through the Employee Self Service website at selfservice.sprengerhealthcare.com. For all previous employees, you can view your old paycheck stubs and/or W-2s through the Global Cash Card website at www.globalcashcard.com.