Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy at Sprenger Health Care focuses on improving function and mobility. Your journey begins with a thorough evaluation, which enables our therapists to design a personalized treatment plan, and concludes with a celebratory graduation and complimentary home safety assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Physical Therapy is the treatment of a disease, injury, deformity, pain, or disability which results in lack of mobility. Physical therapy uses strength and balance training though exercise prescription, along with using modalities to facilitate neuromuscular responses and diminish pain. Physical Therapy is utilized to provide alternative options rather than using medications or surgery to treat a condition. Physical therapy restores mobility for all ages, whether preparing for a sport or gaining independence for living. 

The length of each of your therapy sessions will depend on your functional abilities and overall clinical needs.  You will work together with your therapist and interdisciplinary team to determine what is best for you.  We also offer therapy at different times of the day allowing for both morning and afternoon treatments as necessary. 

We want you to be comfortable during your therapy with us! We recommend you wear loose fitting clothes that allow room for movement and exercise.  Sweatpants, T-shirts, and other athletic apparel are all appropriate as you may be moving, bending, and increasing your heart rate during a session.  We also recommend non-slip shoes that are supportive. 

Most insurance companies offer coverage for therapy services, but the level of coverage can vary greatly. We recommend talking to one of our admissions and marketing directors or therapy directors at any of our communities to best determine what insurance would cover. They can help guide you to what your best payment options will be. 

When you first arrive at our facility, we will discuss preference for therapy times with you. We will then have a member from our therapy team come and locate you in the facility in advance of when it is time for your therapy session. This allows you to enjoy your stay and relax while our teams maintain your daily schedule. We try very hard to work around any events, life enrichment activities, meals, etc. so your therapy does not conflict with your social experience within the community.


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