Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Regain Your Confidence in Speech, Communication, and Cognition

Whether recovering from a stroke or swallowing disorder, our therapy team will create a unique treatment plan to have you communicating and functioning at your best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Speech therapy is a therapy service that is available to patients who exhibit speech, language, voice, cognitive and/or swallowing difficulties. A speech therapist will meet with you upon admission to determine if you would benefit from services. A speech therapist is trained to address communication, speech and swallowing disorders that arise from a variety of medical conditions. A speech therapist will develop a plan to maximize your function through rehabilitation, development of strategies and patient/family training.

Speech Therapists are licensed professionals who work to improve or correct communication and eating disorders. Some conditions that might commonly be treated are hearing disorders, neurological disorders, stuttering, feeding issues, swallowing concerns, etc.

Most insurance companies offer coverage for therapy services, but the level of coverage can vary greatly.  We recommend talking to one of our admissions and marketing directors or therapy directors at any of our communities to best determine what insurance would cover.  They can help guide you to what your best payment options will be. 

As we age, there are natural changes that happen in the body that can affect speech or hearing. For instance, it's normal for vocal cords and larynx muscles to change or weaken as part of the aging process, which can make it harder to speak. Losing the ability to communicate can leave seniors frustrated or feeling isolated. Speech therapy offers a way for seniors to be able to strengthen and improve communication, feeding, and swallowing as they age.


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