Sprenger Healthcare adopts innovative and fun physical therapy with Jintronix

07/07/2016 | Sprenger Healthcare

Jintronix is a new, FDA approved, virtual rehabilitation platform designed by leading experts in physical and occupational therapy as an exciting and effective tool for physical rehabilitation. It offers “gamified” exercises that are designed to improve a patient’s functional abilities.

“Our patients seem to truly enjoy Jintronix. It has increased their willingness and the amount of time they participate in therapy” says Laura Toetz, Director of Rehabilitation at Amherst Manor Retirement Community.

This easy to operate system supports the treatment of multiple conditions, providing activities optimized to target specific clinical outcomes, such as, fall prevention, motor control, balance, muscle strengthening, postural control and flexibility. It offers seated and standing tasks from low to high levels of difficulty. In addition, each activity can be customized by therapists to suit the needs of each individual patient.

Jintronix participants are guided by on-screen indicators that provide immediate feedback and help patients perform each task with correct form and technique while being overseen by a physical therapist. With the assistance of Jintronix, Sprenger therapists can increase productivity by spending less time setting up exercises and more time assessing and manually working with patients. They can also easily monitor and track patients’ progress, allowing them to adjust therapy regimens accordingly.

Sprenger Health Care is leading the way in innovative care, as it’s one of the earliest companies to partner with Jintronix. Currently, this platform is used along with other more traditional therapy techniques at four Sprenger Health Care communities; Amherst Manor Retirement Community, Sprenger Health Care of Mishawaka, Grande Village Retirement Community and Towne Center Community Campus, with plans for introducing it into more communities in the future.

To learn more about Jintronix, please contact Laura Toetz at ltoetz@sprengerhealthcare.com.  Visit www.sprengerhealthcare.com to find the Sprenger Health Care community nearest you and find out more about the therapy and rehabilitation programs we have to offer.