Nord Warm Line Helps People With Mental Challenges

06/07/2016 | Sprenger Healthcare

By: The Nord Center

Did you know that one in five American adults have experienced a mental health issue? Young people also suffer from mental health issues – in fact, one in 10 children experience a period of depression. For people who need someone to talk to, there is the Nord Warm Line.

The Nord Center, with the support of the Lorain County Board of Mental Health, has launched its Warm Line, a free, confidential telephone support service for anyone in Lorain County experiencing a mental health challenges such as loneliness, anxiety or substance use.

The Warm Line is staffed by mental health consumers who have experienced mental health issues themselves.  Having learned to live a full life through their own recovery, Peer Support Specialists want to help others struggling with similar concerns. Peer Support Specialists do not diagnose or treat, but are trained to listen and offer non-judgmental support and shared experiences of hope and recovery.

“Support from those who have experienced similar issues can be a source of great comfort to someone having trouble coping,” states Amy Denger, The Nord Center CEO & COO.  “We received nearly 16,500 calls to our Emergency/Crisis Line last year. Our goal with the Warm Line is to provide support and encouragement to individuals before they reach a crisis point. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to who understands what they are going through.”

Warm Line services are available Monday through Friday, from 1pm-10pm. To speak to a Peer Support Specialist, please call 1.800.888.6161 and ask to be connected to the Warm Line.