What is Occupational Therapy?

03/01/2017 | Sprenger Healthcare

Many people already know what physical and speech therapy are, but what about occupational therapy? Find out from one of our in-house therapists!

FRUITS and VEGETABLES: A healthy part of your diet

01/03/2017 | Sprenger Healthcare

Fruits and vegetables are a healthy part of your diet. Making sure they’re safe to eat is equally important. Get tips from our Dietitian.

Out With The Old In With The New: Renewing Our Minds In 2017

01/03/2017 | Sprenger Healthcare

Out with the old in with the new… Wouldn’t it be so nice if it was that easy? Our bodies and minds have endured a great deal over the years. Today I would encourage you to rest assure that all is not lost. Newness is in our grasps if we choose to embrace it.

We’re Looking for a Holiday Star!

01/03/2017 | Sprenger Healthcare

We want to see you get into the spirit of the holiday and new year by giving back to your community! The facility and individual with the most memorable holiday deed will be rewarded!

Add Volunteering to Your New Year’s Resolutions

01/01/2017 | Sprenger Healthcare

Each year, many of us set New Year’s resolutions to achieve new opportunities and goals. For some of us, it’s to start going to the gym, eating healthy, or getting a promotion. One great resolution to consider, which can be beneficial to you and your community, is volunteering.